Bhola is the oldest Ganges delta of Bangladesh. Bhola, was recognized as district in 1984. Earlier it was sub division under Noakhali district. In 1845, it was acknowledged by the sub division under Noakhali district. Then its administrative center was in the present day. In 1869, sub division was included under Barisal district. Later in 1876, the administrative center was transferred from Daulatkhan to Bhola. There are 7 upazilas in present day Bhola district and 68 union. There is a local story behind the name of Bhola. Betua, which was passing through the city of Bhola, was not as unenviable as it was today. It was once known as the Batua river. Crossing the river with the help of a ferry boat. The thief used to cross the people with the help of a boating boat. His name was Bhola Gazi Patni. Today's Yogi Gholay was near its place. Bhola was once named after Bhola Ghazi.



Birshreshtha Mostafa Kamal Museum : 

Born on December 16, 1947 at the village of Hajipur in Daulatkhan thana of Bhola. He is the beloved son of Habibur Rahman and Maleka Begum. On 16 December 1967, he joined East Bengal Regiment. Mostafa Kamal was transferred from Comilla Cantonment in the middle of March, 1971 to Brahmanbaria, the headquarters of the fourth East Bengal Regiment, from where he participated in the liberation war.

Major Shafayat Jamil, who was given the responsibility of lancenayek verbally during the war, after seeing the bravery, intellect and action of Mostafa Kamal. Accordingly, Mustafa Kamal became the commander of 10 soldiers. From morning on April 17, the attack on the 2no platoon of the fourth regiment by Pakistan army in Daruin village, with mortar and artillery. For four days, hungry section commander Mostafa Kamal faces the enemies with intense, firm and steadfastness. Seeing him, the comrades fought more confidently. From 18 April onwards, the enemy soldiers continued to move towards the defense of the Daruin defense base south, west and north by increasing the intensity of attack. In such a situation, there is no destination except for retrograde. Only East side of the Daruin Defense Base was free from enemy. To safely go to the soldiers, someone will need to fire coverings with LMG. Mustafa Kamal started the cover fire himself for the sake of the co-workers safety. He did not step out of his position because if he would stop the cover fire then the enemy would understand that they were moving away from their position. He continued with firing from trench to the enemy. And he was shot down there later. The Pak army left the area after taking possession of Gangasagar and Daruin. Local people went to the trench and found the body of Mustafa Kamal. It is understood that when the enemy entered the trench, Mostafa Kamal was alive. The barbarous Hyena’s bayonet killed him. The villagers buried him in the village. His family moved to Moutupi village of Alinagar union of Bhola Sadar upazila and the government of Bangladesh provided settlement of the land to the martyr's family. The building is named after Shahid Memorial. Birshreshtha Sepoyi Mohammad Mostafa Kamal Memorial Museum and Library is in front of the building.

How to go: Birshreshtha Mostafa Kamal Museum, after a short rickshaw ride from Alinagar Union Parishad.


Photo: Char Monpura by Junnunur Rahman

Char Monpura (Island)

The tree plantation program was undertaken in Char Monpura a decade ago, from which it became an attractive tourist destination. Every year there is a traditional Krishnaprasad fair. Besides, deer is found in various forests of Manpura. And the Hilsa of Manpura is delicious.

How to go: you can took the Launch services from the Dhaka to go to Monpura Directly, otherwise you can go to Bhola, then take local transport / boat. 


Char Dhal (Island)

Char Dhal is also a popular tourist destination now a days. Beside the slopes deer are found in different forests. The South Side of the Dhal Char has a sandy beach with the Bay of Bengal. The name of this place is Tarua. In the mean time, Tarua has attracted many attention. The Kawra garden here has added a spendless beauty. Here, at the banks of river Meghna you will feel like you are standing on a sea beach

How to go: From Bhola, at first you have to go to Char Kacchapia of Char fashion. Then you can go to the Dhal Char by a trawler / boat.


Photo: Char Kukri Mukri by Noman Al Moktadir

Char Kukri Mukri (Island)

Char Kukri Mukari, turned into an attractive tourist destination. You can see deer in different forests of Char Kukri Mukri. There is a garden of coconut trees which is added extra beauty to that small Island. You can find sandy river beach here too. 

How to go: From Bhola, at first you have to go to Char Kacchapia of Char fashion. Then you can go to the Char Kukri Mukri by a trawler / boat.