BPC's Significant Development Activities for last 10 years (2009-2018)

Under-construction BPC's  Head Office Building at Agaorgaon, Dhaka


As a national tourism administration, the foremost objectives of the Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) are to make a well-planned development of Bangladesh tourism industry, establish toruism infrastructure at the potential tourism sites, create tourism skilled manpower, provide standard services to tourists, build a positive image of the country abroad, as well as create employment opportunity in different sectors of this industry for eradicating poverty.

With a view to playing a contributing role to the socio-economic development of the country through the development and promotion of tourism industry, BPC has implemented 20 development projects with the allocation of BDT104.91 crore  for last 10 years i.e. 2009-2918. With the implementation of these proejcts, tourism facilities have bee created in Dinajpur, Kuakata, Chapainbabganj, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Rangamati, Jaflong of Sylhet and Chittagong. All these units have also been brought under the digital network. 

Summary of the Development Projects: 

In 2009, a new parjatan Motel and Youth Inn has been established at Kuakata- Daughter of the sea at the cost of BDT 1096.50 lacs. The facilities are 59 accommodations, 250-seat conference Hall. 

Youth Inn, Kuakata

At the ancestral home of Satyajit Roy located in Musua of Kishoreganj, a rest house has been established and the jamindar Bari has been renovated at the cost of BDT 59.58 lacs in 2012.

Musua, Kishoreganj

A tourism complex has been established at Sonamasjid area of Chapainawabganj district with the expenditure of BDT 635.99 lacs in 2012. The facilities of the complex are 15 accommodations, a 50-seat dormiotry and a 50-seat restaurant etc.

Parjatan Motel, Chapainababganj

Repair and renovation work of existing facilities (45 accommodations, 100-seat conference hall and 50-seat restaurant) of Parjatan Motel, Rajshahi was carried out in 2012.  The expenditure of the project was BDT 394.81 lacs.

Parjatan Motel, Rajshahi

Repair and renovation work of existing facilities (36 accommodations, 100-seat conference hall and 100-seat restaurant) of Parjatan Motel, Rangpur was completed in 2012.  The expenditure of the project was BDT 345.09 lacs.

Parjatan Motel, Rangpur

In 2013, the vertical extension of Parjatan Motel, Dinajpur along with adding facilities like 6-AC rooms, 200-seat Conference Hall was accomplished. The expenditure of the project was BDT 220.93 lacs. 

Parjatan Motel, Dinajpur

Tourist facilities at the Kantajeu Temple Area in Dinajpur district was installed in 2013 at the cost of of BDT 80.97 lacs. The created facilities are 2-AC rooms, 30-seat restaurant. 

Parjatan Restaurant, Kantajeu Temple, Dinajpur

In 2014, a motel with the facilities of 4-accommodations, 50-seat restaurant and 2 wash-rooms was established in Jaflong at the cost of BDT 297.77 lacs.

Parjatan Motel, Jaflong

In 2014, a new motel with the facilities of 48-accommodations, 100-seat restaurant has been established in Rangamati at the cost of BDT 974.88 lacs.


Parjatan Holiday Complex, Rangamati

In FY of 2010-2015, a hotel has been created on the vacant land of Motel Saikot at the cost of BDT 4302.00 lacs. The facilities are 153 accommodations, 100-seat restaurant etc. 

Hotel Saikat, Chattogram

The construction of 13-storied BPC's Headoffice is going on at Agargaon at the cost of BDT 6100.82 lacs unnder the FY of 2017-2019. 


A project of BDT 6211.37 lacs under the current FY of 2017-2019 is being implemted at Parki of Anwara in Chattogram for installing facilities like 14-cottages, 100-seat restaurant, 300-convention hgall, 1 bar, 1 service block, changing closet, children amusement park, car parking and gardening etc.

On-going Parki Project

Creating various tourism facilities across the country are going under the Project of Tourism Year-2016 at the cost of BDT 4967.81 lacs. Among which salient are renovation of BPC's 10 Hotels and Motels, prourement of 8 vehilces, installation of tourism facilities at Kazipur (Sirajganj), Salna (Gazipur) and setting up Changing Closet in Kuakata and Cox's Bazar. 

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Report was prepared by Md. Ziaul Haque Howlader, Manager (PR)