Editorial - 11th Issue

Happy New Year! Hope you had a successful 2018, and wishing you a very eventul 2019.

Our sincere apologies for not being able to publish Travelogue for the last 2 months due to some technical and logistcal challenges. We have revamped our current structure to ensure our readers get Travelogue every month on-tme. We reassure our commitment to bring the best essence of our beloved country to each and every of you.

We want to take this opportunity to welcome Mr. Md. Mahbub Ali, MP to be the state minister for Ministry of Civil Aviaton and Tourism, Government of the People’s republic of Bangladesh.

This 12th issue of Travelogue has provided a great detail of our ancient civilizaton and ruins. It also has captured the stunning Khagrachori District. Hope you all will enjoy reading it.

Dear Readers, we need your support. Please send us your travel blog and travel pictures. We will publish those in every issues.


Happy reading.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ferdous Motakin