Editorial - 8th Issue

Dear Readers,

I want to take you to a morning, when the rain dripping with a heavenly bliss, touches the earth with heartfelt love and like a magic spell, a soothing petrichor fills our soul with fragrance. It encompasses us with essence of calmness. Putting your lips into a smoking cup of tea, eyes fixed on the blooming Bur flower, you want to go out, get close to the earth, the rain, the woods, the hills and mountains and fountains that break through them.

The Travelogue welcomes the rainy season admiring all its beauty and bounty with a cover story where you’ll relive adventure. I’m sure you’ll feel thrilled and excited.

The journey of Khan Jahan, his socio-economic contributions will be painted with a concluding touch. This issue will also portray some beautiful structures built according to medieval architectural concepts.

We’ll also cover some new initiative in the tourism development as we’ll introduce you to the first ever Dinosaur Park in Bangladesh.

Speaking of Tourism development, we’ll look into NHTTI through the eye of the Principal of the institute himself as it is one of the country’s most essential body, working hard to take the hospitality and tourism to international standard and maintain it efficiently.

Marking the rainy season, the Travelogue covers Chottogram, one of the most visited places in Bangladesh and with numerous tourist attractions.

We hope, your support towards The Travelogue will keep growing as we’ll keep doing our best to promote tourism in Bangladesh, contribute and encourage the people involved. 

You are very welcome to contribute to The Travelogue by advertising with us, by contributing with contents & write-ups or by advising us what best we can bring for you. Please write us at content@offroadbangladesh.com

We hope you enjoy this rainy season and stay blessed with good health. Happy reading!


Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Ferdous Mottakin.