Food of old Dhaka



Bangladesh has a great heritage of food. In the capital city Dhaka, there are some very special food which are cheap, but very rich in taste, and only known to the food-lovers of the city. Here is a list of 5 very special dishes of Old Dhaka which you won’t want to miss, if you have some time in hand and want to experience the food heritage of the city.


1. Biriani:

Biriyani is the king of every food of Bangladesh. In every big occasion in any family, this is a must have food. It is make of specially cooked rice and mutton. If you come to Old Dhaka and do not taste Biriyani from any of the famous restaurant, you’ll miss half of the food culture of Bangladesh. Do not forget to order a glass of Borhani with Biriani.


2. Local Drinks:

You will find multi-levels of local drinks in Old Dhaka’s streets. Such drinks are Lemon drink, Lacchi, Pistachio (Pesta in Bengali) drink, Cumin (Jira) water, Malai Tea and many more.


3. Bakorkhani:

Bakorkhani was one of the most famous food of Mughal dynasty having an unforgettable taste. It is a very popular food to the inhabitants of Old Dhaka. They cannot think of spending a single day without taking Bakorkhani in their breakfast or evening snacks. Normally Bakorkhani is popular with tea. Besides, you can add sweet or something spicy with this that will enrich your experience of tasting Bakorkhani.


4. Kebabs at Alauddin Road:

Kazi Alauddin Road is the kind of street that typifies old Dhaka, or Puran Dhaka as the locals call it. An evening at various famous Kebab restaurants in there would be your special moment. Many types of Kebabs are made here in Old Dhaka that will surely be a worthy experience for you.


5. A date with Desserts:

If you really care about traditional desserts, then Old Dhaka is for you. You can wish to have many dessert items in this area of Dhaka City. Such as Bibiyana Pitha (steamed Cake), Rice Pudding, Faluda, Pan-Supari, Shahi Jilapi and many more. Pitha is specially for the winter season.