A small group of six came to Bangladesh for a week's tour from Japan in December 30, 2017. They roamed around the corners of the country in association with Bengal Tours. In the concluding day of their tour The Travelogue got an opportunity to talk to them. One thing special about this group was that they were not acquainted with one another before they teamed up for the tour. They even had different reasons for visiting Bangladesh. One of them has already visited more than 100 countries. His passion for traveling brought him to Bangladesh.

There were two professional photographers, one of whom has worked as a personal photographer for the Japanese Prime Minister, though he likes wildlife photography. He often comes to the Sundarban's Indian territory and stays there for months. This time he opted to visit the part of the forest in Bangladesh. The other one came to Bangladesh to make a documentary about the busy lifestyle, their thought processes, their professions etc of the people of a rapidly developing country. One of them came to observe how Grameen Bnak actually works in the grass root level. 

They visited Puthia, Paharpur, Mahasthangar, the Akhra of Lalon, Organic farm in Tangail, different Mughal structural sights of Old Dhaka, Sonargaon (The Panam Nagar), Bagerhat and the Sundarbans. This is what came out from an interview from people with such mixed taste.


Q: How did you come to know about Bangladesh?

A: Each one of us came to know about Bangladesh differently. One of us knew about the activities of Grameen Bank. He basically came here to observe the activities of the root level closely. Another one of us came here to see how people are contributing to the development of the country.  Again, Another one of us came for wildlife photography. Rest of us came here for mere traveling. 

We didn't have any specific insights about Bangladesh. Even if we knew a little, that was not very positive. Many people said too many different things but the tour operator of Japan encouraged us and informed us that many groups are traveling to Bangladesh from Japan on a regular basis with their association and their experience has been quite good. So we have come here without thinking too much. Arriving here, our point of view has changed completely. Bangladesh and her people are truly amazing. We would miss something big, if we didn't come here.


Q: Are you satisfied with the week you've spent here?

A: Yes. We have seen so many things. But it would be better, if could stay here for a bit more. Specially, we couldn't really see much of Sundarbans in two days. (The wildlife photographer said that he will visit only the Sundarbans very soon for a month or a half.)


Q. What did you like most about Bangladesh?

A. We liked the people here and the Sundarbans the most. The people of Bangladesh and their hospitality are its biggest asset. You may lack many things, but how you people treat your guests with whatever little you have, is commendable. While staying in a ship in the Sundarbans, how the staffs and the others have taken care of us is worth remembering.


Q. Would you like to visit Bangladesh again and tell the people you know to come here? Can Bangladesh be considered as a suitable tourist attraction?

A. Of course. We have two photographers, one of whom works with the people of Bangladesh and the other one has taken lots of pictures of the amazing wildlife of Bangladesh. They'll surely portray Bangladesh in a positive frame through their works. We'll also tell everyone we know to visit Bangladesh at least once before they die, otherwise they will miss so many things.