Interview March 2018

Stanislav Goriunov


Visited : 14 - 18 February 2018

Photo and Host in Bangladesh : Showkot Ruhul

1. Why did you pick Bangladesh to visit?

In general, when it comes time to travel, I just turn to my intuition and it guides me where to go. This time, it said: Bangladesh and East India. I opened a map and compose a route.

Perhaps it sounds strange, but I try to do all the important things in my life according intuition. Sometimes it's hard to make decision if you only use your head. There are a lot of circumstances, where it seems your brain is going to explode and you can't be sure whether you are right or not. when I listen to my intuition, it becomes simple and fast to make decisions and feel that everything is going to be just right. 

2. What are the places you visited?

Dhaka for 2 days and Chittagong for 3 days.

3. What did you like the best in Bangladesh?

Well, the best thing I like is people here, are honest. They are open, welcoming, friendly and smiling. In Moscow, where I'm from, people in general, look less happy and more busy. And sometimes, it's hard to find somebody for warm soul communication. People are basically more cold and far with their mentality. But this place is very cool. I like it here.

4. What is the best thing you found Bangladesh offered you during your stay here?

Building ships in Keraniganj impressed me the most. We walked there, I saw how workers repair and build ships. How hard it is to build such a big construction!!!

I also like to see rusty, old metal of different colors, dirty things, garbage. In Moscow government allocates money for keeping the city very clean. And it's not interesting to live in a totally clean city. Garbage in streets makes the atmosphere!

In Russia, it is impossible to visit such ship yards without permission and in the ship yards, everything is neat and clean. 

I also love big markets here. In Russia we have markets, but smaller and more standardized, less noisy and clean. Also transport system! No traffic lights in streets. Mixing velo-rickshaws, moto-rickshaws, cars and buses. Everybody drives well and respect one another. In Russia we have no rickshaws, only cars and buses. Every driver has license and everybody observes the rules. So, quite boring to be driver in Russia.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to visit places out of Dhakka and Chittagong. I hope I'll do it later!

5. Would you recommend your friends and family members to visit Bangladesh?

Yes, I already published photos from Dhaka in my social network accounts. My friends were impressed! I am planning to write a detailed story about this trip once I go back

Before coming to this trip, I read notes about Bangladesh from other travelers. In general, they wrote that Bangladesh is quite dangerous, dirty, and there is nothing to do here. According to my experience, I understand that it's not true and I'll write about my trip so that people can understand what Bangladesh is really interesting and safe.

I want to say thanks to the local people, who met me here and helped with everything- Showkot Ruhul and Jamil Ahamed Chowdhury.

I love how Bangladeshi people provides hospitality! I wish prosperity for your beautiful country! 

Salam Alikum!