Interview: Alex Arseno

Alex Arseno

French Canadian

Visited - Feb ‘2018
PHOTO and Host in Bangladesh: Showkot Ruhul


Q. Why did you pick Bangladesh to visit?

A. I had seen some photos at National Geography magazine and then studied a little about the country. The green natural beauty made me visit Bangladesh.


Q. Which are the places you visited?

A. I stayed at the student dormitory of Dhaka University. I visited Mongla, Sundarbans, Morelganj, Comilla and Lawachara in Sreemangal.


Q. What did you like best in Bangladesh?

A. Obviously, the people. They are most welcoming and friendly. You can make friends within five minutes.


Q. What is the best thing you found Bangladesh offered you during your stay here?

A. Hospitality of the local people. I have been invited to lots of lunches and dinners. At Morelganj, I had lunch with the local representative of the administration.


Q. Would you recommend your friends and family members to visit Bangladesh?

A. Yes, I would like to come again with my family.