Tourist Attractions of Patuakhali District

The areas that Patuakhali district is formed was once included in the ancient Kingdom of Chandradip. Kachua was the capital of this Kingdom now Bawfal upazila. Due to coastal region and frequent Portuguese and Mug attacks and natural calamities, the capital was shifted to the capital city of Barisal to Madhabpasha. Raja Todarmal, the Emperor Akbar's Minister, sents the Kanungo Jimmak Khan to survey the area in 1599. Chandradip's forest area was marked separately from Chandradip and it was marked as the Bajuhaa-protected area. Three Parganas in Velimabad, Bazugh Umedpur and Uranpur were formed in this region. Arakan's Buddhist keepers fled the Galachipa, Khepupara, Kawakta and Kalabara districts under different illumination by fleeing the atrocities of the Burmese king at the end of the 18th century. Since then, human settlements have been increasing in this region.

The well of Kuakata and its history :

Kuakata has a rich history about its naming . It is a beach tourist spot on  the south-western tip of Bangladesh. The name of Kuakata is related  with the advent of Aracanians. Kua means well in Bangla, the well that is related with history is still remain at Keranipara, a settlement of Rakhyne  tribe. It is saying in 1784 Rakhyne tribe flew from Myanmar and search   for shelter by boat. On the way they find the island Rangabaly by the side  of the Bay of Bengal but salinity of sea water they dug a well. From that  well the place named Kuakata 

Sea Beach of Kuakata : 

It is a wide sandy beach from where one can enjoy the unique   opportunity of seeing both the sun rise and sunset. Kuakata is known as ‘Daughter of the sea’. To the tourist this 18 km long sea beach is one of the most scenic beauty spot of Bangladesh. Scene of fishing is seen from  the beach round the year and east side of the beach lies the Gangamoti’s  turn from where one can enjoy the sunrise best on the other hand the best  place to see the sunset is west side of the beach. Kuakata is situated in the Latachapli union under Kalapara upazila. It is 380 km from Dhaka by road and 108 km from Barisal. A short description of its tourist attractions are given below:

Dry-fish village :

This village lies on 7 km west of sea beach, many fishermen live here. From November to March they engage themselves for making dry fish. Catching fish from sea and than dry it by sunshine is the making process  of dry fish. Tourist can buy this on best price. They can also enjoy to see how the fishermen catch and process the fish to making dry fish. One  can also see how they live and fight with the mighty waves of the sea. 

The Jungle of Gangamoty :

Kuakata sea beach ends at the east side of Gangamoty canal from where   Gangamoty jungle starts is also known as Gajamoti’s jungle. Different kind  of plants and trees are grown here. Wild fowl and monkeys are also  seen.

Crab Island :

Crab island  located at the ahead of Gangamoty jungle. Plenty of red crab live here, when they get tranquility they come out from the hole at a time and make the  island a big red area. In tourism season (October to March) one can visit the island by speed boat.

Fatrar Ban (Mini Jungle of Fatra) :

The mangrove mini jungle situated on the west side of Andermanik river confluence, known as Fatrar Ban. Although it is situated in the Barguna district but tourists can visit this place by engine driven boat. Unlike Sundarbans in these area wild  ferocious animals are not found. Only few wild birds and  monkeys are  seen. Sometimes wild boar is found.

Seema Buddhist Temple :

Near the old well the temple is situated. At first it was built by  wood. Few years ago it was rebuilt by concrete. This temple is still  housed the original eight metal Buddhist statue of 37 tons.  

Keranipara Rakhyne village :

Tribal Rakhyne village of Keranipara is located in front of Seema  Buddhist temple. The main livelihood of Rakhyne women are weaving the cloth. The winter chadar (a piece of cloth for rapping  the upper part of the body) weaved  by Rakhyne which is much lucrative. In winter they are busy for weaving. The clothes that are sold to the  tourists. In that time village became crowded by tourists  gathering.

Misripara Buddhist Temple :

Misripara is an ethnic village of Rakhyne tribe which is located about 8 km far from Kuakata beach. The largest Sitting Buddhist statue of this  sub-continent is placed in this temple and Amkhola, largest  settlement of Rakhyne is not far from here .

Ancient Wooden Boat :

An old wooden boat, measurer by 94 feet by 24 feet, found  under the beach sand in the year 2012. It is placed for display in  front of Buddhist Temple . Everyday many visitors came to see  the ancient wooden boat.

Pottery of Bawfal :

Bawfal is a upazila of Patuakhali district. Cottage industry of   pottery of this upazila are famous in the world market. Now this  classical and artistic pottery are displayed and sale in world   market. This goods are exported to Italy, Canada, Australia, Denmark, UK, Spain , Japan, USA  and  Norway for their demand. Besides these showpiece pottery kitchen house hold items are also  available here to meet local demand.

Sonar Char :


An island of devotion and nature’s bounties is the coastal side of the Bay of Bengal under Rangabali Upazila of Patuakhali district. The  area is famous for huge jungle and about 7 km long beach. The  Government of Bangladesh declared it as a wildlife sanctuary on  16th  December  2011.  Govt. has also taken several initiatives to make this island a most attractive tourist hub of southern.