Writer: Md. Ziaul Haque Howlader, Manager, BPC

Photo: Junnunur Rahman


Eid is the largest festival of Muslim Ummah. After a month of holy Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr approaches to us with much ecstasy. In Bangladesh Eid-ul-Fitr is observed with much fervour and in participation of all people irrespective of class, economic or social boundaries. It also creates a social harmony. People of Bangladesh is festival-loving, hence Eid brings a great bonanza for them to pass time with family and friends.

This year, Eid-ul-Fitr coincides with beginning of the Rainy Season in the country. However, braving the rain, people are seen busy to buy new dresses and decorate their homesteads as per their choices and ability. Also, they are hectically busy to complete shopping for their near and dear. Many people are also leaving for their home sweet homes. Some definitely have already started to travel somewhere else to spend the Eid holidays far from their busy lives. In Bangladesh, people can now visit many tourist destinations at home and abroad. For people with budget, there are many good tourist destinations in the country. As this is the Rainy season, the choices also vary for the travelers. This season is appropriate to travel in Chittagong Hill Tracts Region – Rangamati, Bandarbans and Khagrachhari, Greater Sylhet and Cox’s Bazar to come close to the nature. It may be also advised to visit the North Bengal regions for visiting the archaeological sites. For having a different experience, tourists may organize river-cruising down the Meghna River or in Haors of Sylhet.

Some resorts owners informed that they have renovated their cottages and constructed new accommodation facilities. Tourists will be able to make more fund and enjoyment through many activities in those resorts. People may visit also different resorts in and around Dhaka city. It is also interesting to book any picnic spots and pass the whole days with family or dear and near. The resort owners are all ready to provide better services to the guests. 

During Eid the tour operators of Bangladesh offers various types of packages for traveling at home and abroad. Tour operators make a handsome business during Eid vacation like the peak season of tourism. The tour operators offers package to Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong (Foy’s lake, Batali Hill, Patnega, Parky, etc.) and three hill tracts districts. They also offer package tours to the famous archaeological sites of North Bengal. I think what the tour operators are offering for Eid vacation is wonderful. Vacationers may buy their package and visit the attractive tourist destinations of Bangladesh.

The family vacationers can make their own arrangement as their choices. They can either go to a resort for overnight stay or make a day-tour.  Day-tour is possible to go a nearby attraction of Dhaka, enjoy whole-day and come back in the evening. But it is better to go to some tourist attractions and passes two or three nights. It will be more enjoyable.

Resorts around Dhaka city and the distant ones like Padma Resort in Louhojong, Dhaka Resort in Gazipur, Elenga Resort, Rangmati Resort, Dreamland Resort, Mohammadi Garden, Greentech Resort, Bawal Resort and Arunima Resort Golf Club in Narail etc. are eagerly waiting to welcome the guests. At present about 30 small and big resorts are being operated around Dhaka city. With the support of BPC, a Dino Park has been established in Cumilla, which is an edu-entertainment park with some pre-historic Dinosaurs. School, college students regularly visit the place. So, during Eid, people can visit this dino-park in Cumilla. Many pictures and videographies have already been uploaded in their website.  The people can easily pass one night two days here at the other resorts as mentioned above. On the other hand, for a mid and long trip, tourists can move to distance tourist destinations. The transports owners are also busy to sell their tickets. Meanwhile, tickets become the scarce as the newspapers published the report. The real travellers have already made plan to visit to their desired destinations. 

Many tourists have also planned to go abroad. The people of upper echelon prefer to go to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore or Nepal with their friends and families. The number outbound tourists are huge. According to BPC it is more than 25 lacs. Now, we can imagine from the figure, what the trend of Bangladeshi tourists is for going abroad for tourism purpose, whereas we received only around 6.20 lacs tourists in 2016.  But the domestic tourists within Bangladesh have increased tremendously. The number of domestic tourists is more than 9 million. In a field survey of my own, it was seen many persons who never thought of going to another district for jobs has already visited many tourist destinations of Bangladesh. And he is planning to visit other destinations of Bangladesh in this Eid vacation along with his family. We may enhance the domestic tourism for our economic and social benefits. The resort owners and the tour operators are also currently focusing the domestic tourism. In this context, the service facilities are being offered at tolerable price by the resort owners.

The people of Bangladesh are fun-loving and try to celebrate their Eid vacation with much delight. They are moving within and outside the country in a more and more number. The people movement for tourism movement during the vacations like Eid is very encouraging. 

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