Eid is the largest festival of Muslim Ummah. After a month of holy Ramadan, Eid-ul-Fitr approaches to us with much ecstasy. In Bangladesh Eid-ul-Fitr is observed with much fervour and in participation of all people irrespective of class, economic or social boundaries. It also creates a social harmony. People of Bangladesh is festival-loving, hence Eid brings a great bonanza for them to pass time with family and friends. ... View More

Tracing the Journey of KHAN JAHAN ALI -Part 2

In the eleventh century, the Turkish Ghaznavid ruler Sultan Mahmud (971-1030) proceeded to the mainland India. Two centuries later, Ikhtiyar al-Din Muhammad Bakhtiyar Khalji (died in 1206) made his way to Bengal in the beginning of thirteenth century. Establishment of a muslim stronghold in Bengal certainly stirred several muslim saints and sufis to come to preach here. Baba Adam Shahid of Dhaka, Shah Sultan Rumi of Mymensingh, Makhdum Shah Dawlah Shahid of Pabna, Jalal-Din Tabrizi of Deotala and Shah Jalal of Sylhet and last but not the least, Khan Jahan Ali of Bagerhat were few of them. ... View More