Chairman Message

In this era of digitalized globalization, the expansion of tourism industry is taking place in full swing across the globe. A qualitative change of Bangladesh tourism industry is also seen sweeping rapidly over the country. Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation (BPC) is proud to be a part of this rapid change and in the government effort for achieving the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). We can legitimately claim, BPC was and till now is the torchbearer of the tourism development of Bangladesh. It showed the path to the millions. Since its inception, BPC has been carrying dual roles as the national tourism administration. One is administrative support to private sector to flourish and another is creating tourism facilities across the country. BPC always tries to implement its mandate despite many obstacles including the budget scarcity.

BPC educates thousands of people about tourism every year. BPC educated many people of the country who are now leading the tourism industry in private sector of Bangladesh. We always accept constructive criticism that would help us improve our quality and expedite our pace. We earn money and spend for the country's tourism development. Apart from the present development initiative, BPC is going to open its window in different segment such as Tourism Radio, Travel and Tourism Channel, Paddle Steamer service, Re-introduction of Marry Anderson, Marine Tourism, Tourist Compartment in Train, Intangible Heritage Tourism and many more.

However, earlier the publicity of BPC's activities and development programmes was very scanty. Now we feel the institutional memory, experiences, development activities should be known to the people in an organized way. That's why, BPC decided to go for publishing an e-newsletter. Through this e-newsletter, BPC will be able to reach the tourism stakeholders, entrepreneurs, researchers, academicians, government and non-government organizations and provide them proper information.

We are now in the information highway with the rapid hi-tech based promotion and publicity. The tourism information should also be reached quickly to people and this must be electronically.

I extend my thanks to Off-road Bangladesh for their sincere efforts in bringing out this e-newsletter. I also need to mention my team in BPC led by PR division for the untiring diligence to turn my dream into reality. I do hope this e-newsletter will be gladly accepted by all the tourism stakeholders, academicians and relevant people. I would request all the readers to forgive any inadvertent mistake in the newsletter. I expect any comment, criticism to improve this newsletter will be welcomed.


Akhtaruz Zaman Khan Kabir


Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation